Koolz Air Cooler Cleaner

Introducing Symphony's brand new air cooler cleaner, Koolz. Its key benefits and USPs are :

  • Gives up to 20 % more* cooling by increasing the effectiveness of your cooler

  • Protects your air cooler from bacteria

  • Removes foul smell from the cooler

  • Gives clean and fresh air

  • It’s easy to clean

  • Can be used in any cooler

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Measurement of Air Cooler Cleaner to be Used in the Movicool Models

Movicool XL 200i
x 12 caps
Movicool L 65i-S
x 04 caps
Movicool L-125
x 08 caps
Movicool DD-125
x 08 caps
Movicool XL 100
x 06 caps
Movicool XL 200
x 12 caps
For Venticool - 15L water needs 200 ml of liquid Note: 1 Litre bottle - 1 cap liquid is equal to 40ml.
How to use product guidelines
Take 15 litre water in cooler tank & add 200ml cooler cleaner in it.
Do not run fan motor at the time of cleaning.
Run only cooler pump for 2 hours for better cleaning.
Drain dirty water from the tank after cleaning
Remove the pad and wash with fresh water
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Symphony LSV is designed for quick and easy installation. Any installation can be completed within a few hours!

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