Evaporative Cooler Ventilation System
Large Space Venti-cooling Specialists

Cooling Problem in Dairy Industry:

Amul’s office in Anand experiences blistering hot weather conditions in summers. Since clerical work requires a lot of writing, documentation and recording, it was important to have a powerfully cooled and well-ventilated environment. Due to the lack of ventilation and hot weather, employees felt uncomfortable and suffocated, resulting in lower productivity. So, a cost-effective cooling solution was required.

Ventilation Cooling Solution for Dairy Industry:

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling specialists surveyed the site and recommended 5 units of SPS 06. The office felt cool, has efficient ventilation and was comfortable for the employees after the installation. Consequently, employees were more productive. It resulted in clerical work to increase exponentially and employees were able to complete the work quickly.

With the mission of 27° C World, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is cooling the world without warming the planet. To join the mission and save the environment, book a free site Inspection now!