Air Cooler for Phoenix Healthcare Factory
Air Cooler for Healthcare Factory

Hot and Suffocating Problems in Healthcare Factory:

Phoenix Healthcare Solutions is a factory in Thane occupying 2,500 sq. ft. space. This factory has several machines which were overheating due to constant use. The workplace environment was becoming hotter and more suffocating affecting the staff’s morale. To give the workers a comfortable and cool environment and to prevent machines from overheating, an efficient cooling solution was required.

Healthcare Factory Cooling Solution:

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling experts came to the rescue. After surveying the site, they recommended 1 unit of SPS 18 with 2 sided cooling pads for superior cooling. These were connected to a 90 feet duct with 14 outlets. The disbursal of cool, fresh air created an ambient temperature in the room such that the machines did not overheat. The constant circulation of fresh air led to a comfortable space for the employees, increasing their morale as well as their productivity.
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