Air Cooling Solution for School
Air Cooling Solution for St. Mary’s school

Temperature and Pollutants Problem in School:

St. Mary’s School in Delhi is a 30,000 sq. ft. institute in Delhi where the temperatures are not only soaring high but the risk of pollutants enormously increasing. The school organisers wished for a solution such that the school becomes a safe and secure place for young learners and at the same time is not too heavy on the expenditure side.

Safe & Secure Ventilation Cooling System for School:

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling experts conducted a free site survey of St. Mary’s School. They concluded that 20 units of PAC 14 TCi down discharge machines with four-sided cooling pads should be installed. The machines were connected to 10 feet ducts with direct outlet grills. The staff observed that after the installation, there was a fresh circulation of air in the school premises. They were of the opinion that since the harmful contaminants were regularly dispelled out, there were fewer cases of absenteeism among students.