Ventilation and Fresh Air Cooling Solutions
Ventilation and Fresh Air Cooling Solutions for Garment Industry

Cooling and Ventilation Problem:

Zenus International has a 5,000 square feet outlet in Tarapur. Since the garment industry is a labour-intensive one, Zenus International had a difficult time maintaining a healthy and cool working environment for its employees. Therefore, ventilation and fresh air cooling solutions were needed for the workers to have a comfortable workspace as well as to boost their productivity. Therefore, there was an immediate need for a cooling solution.

Air Cooling and Ventilation Solution for Garment Industry:

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling specialists surveyed the site and recommended 2 units of SPS 18 side discharge machines with two side cooling pads which offered superior cooling. All machines were connected to 100 feet duct which had 12 outlets. The disbursal of fresh, cool air along with ventilation increased workers' productivity and gave the employees a comfortable working environment.

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