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The Indian textile industry is the second largest industry in the world. Not only is India the main producer of cotton, staple fiber, and filament yarn, but the contribution of the textile industry has a significant contribution to the GDP, exports, and employment in the country.

Air Cooler for Textile & Garment Industries

The textile industry is highly automated. It has enormous machinery and the goods produced are extremely fragile. A majority of the textile industry is concentrated in the state of Rajasthan where temperatures soar high during the day with little to no humidity and the nights are freezing cold. This is where the relative humidity of the air in a textile industry comes into focus.

The air humidity is actually the relative humidity which can be defined as the amount of water in a sample of air as compared to the maximum amount of water the air can hold at the same specific temperature. It is common knowledge that cold air can hold less moisture than warm air. Therefore, the humidity of air is relative to its temperature. The efficiency of any process in a textile industry depends on the relative humidity of the air within its preset limits.

The collective properties of yarn and its level of workability depends on the air humidity levels. Moreover, in states like Rajasthan where the daytime and nighttime temperatures are at their extreme ends, it becomes essential to have a constant supply of fresh air in a well-ventilated space for the employees as well.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is the apt solution for the following reasons:

  • 1. Low operation cost:
    Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling are weather resistant and require very little maintenance. While the capital cost of installing a Large Space Venti-Cooling is one-fifth of that of air conditioners, it also consumes 90% less power.
  • 2. Environment-friendly:
    Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling provides maximum cooling without emitting any harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • 3. Health friendly:
    Air coolers are able to keep the humidity of the air at a preset level and therefore reduce the amount of dust and other pollutants in the air. This ensures that the workers’ health is taken care of and they do not suffer from any adverse conditions.
  • 4. Increases productivity:
    In the textile industry, when the temperature is too low, the air becomes dry which causes the fibre to lose its elasticity and become thin and fragile. This causes friction and limits the sliding of the fibres on the machine requiring manual intervention and decreasing worker productivity. Air coolers are able to maintain the right amount of moisture in the air, thereby, not only keeping the quality of the product intact but also increasing the productivity of the workers.

Textile industries produce tremendous amounts of undesirable heat, increasing the ambient temperature within the mills. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling circulates 100% fresh, filtered air and maintains optimum moisture in the air at the rate of Re. 1/per sq. ft.

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