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Dining outdoors has long been considered a pleasant experience. Whether it’s at a location overlooking scenic views of the hills or the sea, or of well-manicured gardens, or simply of the vivid streetscape of the city, outdoor seating at cafés and restaurants has long been a tourist magnet and a revenue multiplier. Nevertheless, outdoor seating comes with drawbacks including inconsistent temperatures (too hot by the day and too cold by night) and accumulation of dust on tables and chairs. In tropical areas, the buzzing of mosquitoes and flies is an added irritant.

Air Cooling Solutions for Outdoor Dining

Large Space Venti-Cooling, a unique concept of air-cooling plus ventilation, can provide a solution to several of these issues for large outdoor dining spaces in restaurants, cafés and canteens. It secures the dining experience without taking away any of the pleasures of the view. The direct and indirect benefits of installing such a system are enumerated below.

Direct Benefits

  • Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling are cooler for restaurants that effectively lowers temperatures by 8 to 10°C in large open spaces, not just restaurants and cafes but also in event lawns.
  • Unlike other cooling solutions, the space does not have to be closed or sealed to employ this cooling. The sights and sounds can thus be enjoyed without hindrance.
  • W.H.O. recommends an increased ventilation rate through natural or mechanical means, preferably without recirculation of the air. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling are central cooling system that takes care of all the measures suggested by W.H.O., which is of special significance in the current times of the pandemic.
  • Large Space Venti-Cooling is the best air cooler that also prevents dust accumulation on tables, by maintaining positive pressure of air.
  • Positive pressure also keeps mosquitoes and flies from coming near the diners.
  • The cost of venti-cooling the air evaporative cooling system is much lower than other solutions.

Indirect Benefits

The advantage worth noting about Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is that it goes far beyond offering just physical comfort to give businesses multiple benefits:

  • Reduced absenteeism: Morale stays high as workers stay fresh, have better conversations with clients and give diners an improved experience
  • Increased footfalls: Cooler air, dust- and insect-free tables improve ambience ratings and in turn attract more diners.
  • Raised profitability: Lower costs of cooling coupled with higher footfalls show a marked rise in profitability within a few months of installation.

Thus, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling the cool air ventilation system helps the food service industry serve not just delicious meals, but delicious experiences. Click here for a free site survey.

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