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The climate crisis has reached a stage where it has started affecting everyone personally. Hotter summers, milder winters and erratic monsoons are reported year after year. A major reason for global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide in large quantities due to the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles and coal-based power plants. Another important cause has been the emission of greenhouse gases like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are used in refrigeration and air conditioning. These gases are not only responsible for global warming, but also for depleting the ozone layer. The urgency to find alternatives to them has never been greater.

Air-Cooling Solutions for Factories

Cooling is indispensable to modern industry, as lower temperatures provide employees with comfortable working conditions, boosting their motivation and productivity. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling the evaporative air coolers can be used as central air cooling system, for it is a unique combination of cooling and ventilation that provides all the benefits of cooling with none of its disadvantages. It is an industrial ductable air cooler that helps factories reduce their carbon footprint in two principal ways.

Firstly, the operational expenses of Large Space Venti-Cooling the industrial duct cooler are much lower. Its central evaporative cooler that consumes 90% lesser electricity than air-conditioning, as the cooling unit utilizes an input power supply of just 230v-50Hz-1Ph. This in turn reduces the cost of cooling to just Re. 1 per square foot per month. And Symphony Venticool LSV jumbo air coolers provides the best central cooling system cost in India.

Electricity generation in several parts of the world depends mostly upon coal-fired thermal power plants. These plants emit 915 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated. Thus, the savings in electricity immediately convert to reducing the carbon footprint of cooling significantly.

Secondly, Large Space Venti-Cooling ducting cooler eliminates the need for CFCs and HFCs entirely by deploying evaporative cooling. This central cooler is based on the principle of water evaporation, which draws heat from ambient air and cools it. Effective cooling is about 8 to 10 degrees C lower than ambient temperatures, keeping factory employees comfortable and productive, and these are the best option to be used as central evaporative cooler.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), every molecule of CFCs is 16,400 times more potent than carbon dioxide in global warming. They also last for very long periods in the atmosphere without breaking down. By adopting Large Space Venti-Cooling as centralised air cooler the carbon footprint of the factory is thus pared even further.

The bodies of the coolers are made from recycled plastics, which indirectly helps to reduce the factory’s carbon footprint, by reducing the manufacture of fresh plastic, and reducing the release of plastic waste into the environment.

Alongside their immediate ecological benefits, there are economic and humanitarian benefits as well of these ventilation cooling systems. Large Space Venti-Cooling has low costs of installation (one-fourth of air-conditioning), speedy installation with no downtime, low maintenance costs (since it involves fewer moving parts or complex electronics), leading to a return on investment in just 7 months. Thus the central air cooling system price with Symphony LSV coolers is much less when compared to others.

Furthermore, in a dry climate like most of India, we as one of the leading industrial air cooler manufacturers in India, provide Large Space Venti-Cooling that mildly moisturizes the air preventing skin and eye irritation as well as dehydration. Employees feel more motivated and less stressed due to heat, leading to a decrease in absenteeism. Finally, unlike air-conditioning, the factory does not have to keep windows and doors closed, which allows for cross-ventilation and non-recirculation of air. This brings the factory in compliance with World Health Organization recommendations, important in pandemic times for the health and safety of employees.

These advantages may be observed in action at the factory of Bhakti Polyplast, where Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling optimally cools and ventilates a floor area of 11000 square feet, enabling the unit to stay open for good. Additionally, this factory cooler's price is the best one when compared to its advantages.

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