Ducted air coolers

Ducted air coolers offer unparalleled indoor comfort through their innovative design. Symphony presents a breakthrough in industrial cooling with revolutionary air duct coolers that transform sweltering environments into refreshing spaces. By seamlessly orchestrating cool air distribution through duct networks, these machines create an optimal working atmosphere. Ideal for factories, expansive commercial complexes, and semi-open spaces, these coolers combine cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious designs, making them essential for battling heat and revitalizing people's spirits.

Unveiling the Ingenious Mechanics of Duct Coolers

Duct air coolers, also known as evaporative or swamp coolers, utilize evaporation to effectively cool indoor spaces in industrial, commercial, and semi-open areas.

1: Efficient Water Circulation System: The air duct coolers feature a water circulation system comprising a water pump and distribution network. This system delivers water to cooling pads or media inside the cooler.

2: High-performance Cooling Pads or Media: Designed from absorbent materials, these pads occupy the cooler and provide extensive surface area for optimal air-water interaction.

3: Seamless Air Movement: Warm air from the space is drawn in through intake vents, passing through the cooling pad where continuous water supply initiates the cooling process.

4: Evaporation Mechanism: Warm air interacting with the wet cooling pads triggers evaporation, changing liquid water to vapour due to heat energy. This process absorbs heat, lowering the air temperature.

5: Effective Cool Air Distribution: Chilled and humidified air is then pushed through ducts and distributed systematically to industrial and commercial spaces via well-designed vents.

6: Continuous Exhaust Ventilation: As the air circulates, moisture is absorbed, increasing humidity levels. The humid air is eventually expelled through exhaust vents, maintaining a cooling and ventilating cycle.

Evaporative Cooling for Industrial Spaces

Ducted air coolers leverage the power of evaporative cooling to create comfortable environments in industrial settings, commercial complexes, and semi-open spaces.

Mastering Cooling in Dry Environments

Duct air coolers conquer challenging environments, bringing cooling relief to manufacturing floors and semi-open spaces. Their cooling prowess extends to spaces where traditional methods struggle, delivering rejuvenating breezes and dispelling discomfort through the art of evaporation.

Compelling Reasons to Embrace Ducted Air Coolers

Energy Efficiency: Evaporation and fan operation consume less electricity than traditional air conditioning systems, ensuring energy efficiency.

Cost Savings: Lower energy consumption leads to reduced electricity bills, making air duct coolers a financially attractive long-term solution.

Eco-Friendly: Utilizing water instead of chemical refrigerants promotes environmentally friendly cooling choices.

Dry Climate Effectiveness: Duct coolers excel in arid regions, combating intense heat with their efficient cooling process.

Simple Installation: Installation is straightforward, bypassing complex ductwork and refrigerant lines.

Adaptable for Large Spaces: Suitable for vast industrial spaces, commercial complexes, and semi-open areas, these coolers can be integrated into existing ductwork.

Reliable Performance: Backed by advanced technology, duct coolers have a proven track record of dependable cooling solutions.

Embrace Cool Comfort with Symphony's Duct Air Coolers

Ducted air coolers from Symphony redefine industrial cooling, offering practicality, sustainability, and refreshing relief in various spaces. Their prowess in evaporation-based cooling makes them a trendsetter in the industry. Join us in exploring the world of refreshing breezes and efficient cooling.

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