Summer is here. It’ll get difficult for employees to work comfortably in a factory. To prevent this, you need an air cooling solution but standard air cooling system for factory is not the best option for you.

Air Cooling System


To start, air cooling solutions are expensive and they don't provide any ventilation. Without this, the air inside gets stale and can lead to a sick building syndrome.

Traditional air cooling also uses harmful gases to keep a premise cool. On top of this, the industrial cooling system are really difficult to install and maintain.

Now that you know the problems. Here’s the solution-

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, the best industrial air cooler. This heavy duty cooler is a unique combination of air cooling and ventilation. It is an air cooler of industrial type that helps you keep your factory fresh, cool and comfortable at just ₹1 per sq. ft. per month.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling and productivity?

A study by IIM-Ahmedabad showed that by improving the level the thermal comfort in a workplace you can improve worker productivity by 12%. They go on to show that the optimal range of ambient temperature should be between 23-30°C.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling air cooler for industrial use helps you maintain a steady ambient temperature within this range across the workplace.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling and health?

A constant flow of air is recommended for minimizing the risk of infection by both WHO and ISHRAE.

Unlike an AC system, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling keeps the air within a premise fresh. This Factory Cooling system also keeps the atmosphere, comfortable and refreshing.

Is Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling expensive?

You can get your return-on-investment in Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling just within 7 months. Not just this, as it’s 90% more energy-efficient than an AC system, you can save big on your energy bills too with this commercial cooling system.

What’s the overall cost of installing Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling?

As mentioned earlier, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling the best industrial cooler will cost you just ₹1 per sq. ft. per month. But installation cost will depend on the size of your factory.

To know more about Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, or this factory cooler price click here.

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