Here’s a solution to reduce factories’ operational expenditure

The COVID-10 pandemic not only took a toll on health globally but also economic health as factories were locked down and the production of many goods halted. As economies begin to grow again, the long period of downtime has caused organizations to rethink their Capital expenditure (Capex) and Operational expenditure (Opex). Capex refers to the investment in buildings, machinery and vehicles, while Opex refers to recurring costs such as salaries, raw materials, electricity and fuel. With most Capex being sunk and cannot be trimmed, most organizations are looking to trim Opex.

Evaporative Air Cooler

One way to cut down on operation expenditure is to look at cooling expenses. Cooling is an important industrial input, as lower temperatures provide employees with comfortable working conditions, boosting their motivation and productivity. Cooling also helps prevent heat damage to machinery and retards wear and tear. The late Prime Minister of Singapore called it one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century*.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is a way to bridge the paradox. It is a unique combination of cooling and ventilation that makes a significant saving in your operational expenses. These 7 pointers explain how:

  • Low Cost of Installation: Compared to other systems for cooling air, the capital cost of Large Space Venti-Cooling is about one-fourth as much.
  • Low Operation Cost: The cost of cooling is just Re. 1 per square foot per month, significantly lower than any other system. If your premises are 1,00,000 square feet, your cooling bill will rarely exceed Rs. 1 lakh every month.
  • Low Electricity Consumption: It also consumes 90% lesser electricity, as the cooling unit utilizes an input power supply of just 230v-50Hz-1Ph.
  • Speedy Installation: Installation requires just a few hours, without disrupting the work on the factory floor, making sure you have no downtime.
  • Fast Refills:Each Large Space Venti-Cooling unit has a large tank capacity of 70 litres, which ensures long operations without needing refills. Refilling can be done quickly by connecting to the overhead tank, so the cooling is not halted.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: Further, the cost of repairing each unit is significantly lower than any other system, as it involves fewer moving parts, CFCs or complex electronics compared to other systems. The bodies of the units are made of sturdy, recycled plastics with zero risk of rust formation.
  • Fast return on Investment:The installation cost of Large Space Venti-Cooling can be recovered within 7 months, by the boost it gives to productivity.

Furthermore, the cooling units maintain a positive pressure of air displacing dust and other particulate matter, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. There are even more advantages that reflect on the earnings side of the balance sheet:

  • Effective cooling of 8 to 10 degrees C even in peak summer months keeps employees comfortable and productive.
  • In dry climates, where employees may suffer skin and eye irritation, Large Space Venti-Cooling mildly moisturizes the air.
  • Employee stress is reduced, leading to a decrease in absenteeism and hence an increase in man-hours.

Apart from this, Large Space Venti-Cooling for factories is compliant with World Health Organization recommendations for increased ventilation rate without recirculation of the air. In the post-pandemic era, this is essential for reassuring the health and safety of employees, contractors and vendors. As it does not utilize CFCs (which are greenhouse gases implicated in global warming), the factory’s carbon footprint is also reduced.

These advantages may be observed in action at the factory of Bhakti Polyplast, where Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling optimally cools and ventilates a floor area of 11000 square feet, enabling the unit to stay open for good.

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