Stuffy premises, pungent odour and lack of ventilation will make your customers turn around and walk out the door. For this purpose, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is going to be your saviour!

Large Space Evaporative Coolers

Cooling a large space like your gym, which is often crowded with fitness enthusiasts sweating their way on exercise machines, is a daunting task. However, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is equipped with superior technology and unique configurations that will provide cooling plus ventilation in your gym. This will enable you to attract more customers to your gym without making too much of an investment.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling can attract more customers to your gym in the following way:

  • 1. Effective ventilation : Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling works best when there are open windows or continuous movement in and out of the gym. The constant circulation of fresh, filtered air ensures that the hot and suffocating air inside the workout space is pushed out efficiently.
  • 2. Powerful cooling : Symphony’s breakthrough technology delivers efficient and powerful cooling in the gym such that those working out do not feel suffocated or restricted in any way. One unit of Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is able to cool 2000 sq. ft. of space at a time.
  • 3. Controls the odour : In a gym, the constant workout sessions lead to customers sweating and expelling a pungent odour. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling replaces the stale air with refreshing, pure and filtered one, thereby controlling the odour in the premises as well as making the fitness enthusiasts feel more energetic.
  • 4. Apt for semi-open spaces : It is natural that in a gym, there are people who are constantly entering and exiting the premises. This means that with an HVAC system, the cool air escapes the gym premises leaving the others in stifling conditions. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is a unique technology that works best in semi-open areas so that there is enough space for the cool air disbursed by the unit to replace the stale air which is eventually pushed out.
  • 5. Improves morale of the fitness instructors : The lack of proper ventilation in the gym leads to the fitness instructors feeling low and devoid of any energy. This kind of environment is not conducive to providing a proper experience for the customers. The installation of Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling will not only provide powerful cooling but also be effective. The fitness instructors will find reprieve from the suffocating conditions and in turn improve their morale.

In addition to this, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is cost-efficient and does not incur exorbitant operational costs. It is an inexpensive cooling and ventilation system that is perfect for a gym.

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