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The Movicool Commercial Coolers are manufactured in the best and world-class plants, specifically designed for cooling large commercial spaces. They offer a long-lasting and trouble-free life, featuring a modern slim design compared to the bulky ones of yesteryear. At Symphony, the duct designing process is expertized to maintain the optimum level of human comfort, heat removal, and productivity in open places.

The unique and powerful air throw provided by standard commercial air coolers results from decades of engineering knowledge. The leading Movicool commercial air cooler creates a healthy environment, minimizing absenteeism or defects in working. These coolers significantly reduce cooling costs and provide constant ventilation. The Movicool series is more effective, eco-friendly, and efficiently combats excessive heat and humidity. The Venti cooling is versatile and extendable.

Redefining Cooling Solutions - Choosing the Best Alternative

What sets the Movicool Commercial Air Coolers apart from other large coolers in terms of features is the presence of three-sided cooling pads, providing extra cooling compared to the one-sided cooling pads in other large coolers. The fan size is 20.5 inches, offering superior cooling with much less noise compared to the 18-inch counterparts. The three-sided dust net facilitates easy cleaning, requiring a much less maintenance regime.

The easy and quick installation is facilitated by modular units suitable for any area. The body of the Movicool Commercial Air cooler is made of rust-free virgin plastic, an evolution from metal body coolers prone to rust. As technology advances, these coolers offer a remote-control version against the manual operation ones, saving time and gaining acclaim across various industries.

The robust build ensures negligible wear and tear, with fully closable louvers preventing the entry of dust, germs, or mosquitoes, ensuring hygiene and efficiency. Environmentally friendly, the large space coolers emit zero CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) and withstand any climate change. The rainproof and sturdy body makes them the best option by far.

Best Commercial Air Cooler

End-to-End Optimization

The Movicool Commercial Air Coolers stand out as the most sustainable options compared to other large coolers, employing the best-in-class evaporative cooling technique for optimal cooling. It is a simple, reliable, and movable system delivering the freshness of cool air. The cooler's are manufactured using high-quality material to keep them rust-free and durable. Consuming less energy, this special range of coolers originates from leading manufacturers in the field since 1939. Installation can be completed within hours, featuring innovation and total upgradation. Portability is enhanced with heavy-duty lockable wheels, making transportation easier. Universal installations allow adjustment to small or larger spaces like factories, warehouses, workshops, or showrooms. Choose the right one and avail it in the specifications and aesthetics of your choice!

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