Large Space Venti-Cooling Redefines Workplace Comfort

In the pursuit of a productive work culture, it's crucial to consider the environment in which the actual work happens. While common productivity tips are valuable, a truly productive culture requires an equally productive work environment. Research from IIM-Ahmedabad and NASA supports this notion, emphasising the importance of a conducive workspace.

Creating a Fresh, Cool, and Healthy Workplace

To foster productivity, it's imperative to maintain a consistently comfortable and well-ventilated workspace. Symphony's Large Space Venti-Cooling Solutions (LSV) offer a unique blend of cooling and ventilation, tailored for both open and semi-open large spaces.

Venti-Cooling: Efficient and Cost-Effective

Opting for Large Space Venti-Cooling Solutions provide the advantages of an HVAC system - blending air cooling and ventilation - without the hefty price tag. Venti-Cooling units consume 90% less electricity as compared to a standard HVAC. Installation costs are also remarkably lower, just a fraction of the expense of a typical HVAC system.

Additionally, a single unit of Venti-Cooling effectively cools up to 1600 sq. ft. at less than ₹2 per sq. ft. per month. With a lifetime cabinet corrosion warranty, maintenance concerns are virtually eliminated. The combined benefits lead to an ROI in as little as 7 months.

Enhancing Productivity with Venti-Cooling

By ensuring a consistently fresh and comfortable environment, Venti-Cooling directly contributes to employee well-being and productivity. A cool and healthy workspace leads to a happier and more efficient workforce, ultimately boosting overall workplace productivity by up to 12%.

Real-world Success Stories

Explore case studies, such as how Amul's office in Anand leverages Venti-Cooling for a fresh, cool, productive, and healthy workplace. This and many more success stories highlight the tangible benefits of implementing Large Space Venti-Cooling Solutions.

Book a Customised Solution

Curious about how Venti-Cooling can transform your workplace? Schedule a complimentary site visit with us. Our representative will assess your workspace and provide a tailored Venti-Cooling solution at no cost to you. Elevate your workspace environment with Symphony's Large Space Venti-Cooling.

We’re Redefining Workspace Air Cooling


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