The typical answers to “how to boost employee productivity,” involve solutions like time-management, agenda-setting, and regular breaks - you know the rest, right?

Evaporative Central Cooling System

But, all of them are missing something elemental, we can sum it up like this -

Comfortable workplace → happy employees → better productivity

That is, a comfortable workplace increases employee happiness and happy employees are productive.

Studies from IIM-Ahmedabad, NASA and Oxford University prove this too.

How to keep your workplace comfortable?

The answer is fresh and ambient air cooling. To achieve this, many businesses rely on air cooling systems. But, they are simply not effective.

Firstly, because they only provide air cooling, and secondly, they are expensive to install and maintain.

What’s the alternative to air cooling?

Large Space Venti-Cooling- developed by Symphony, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is a unique combination of air cooling and ventilation. This means it’ll help you keep your workplace not just cool, comfortable but also fresh.

Is Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling expensive?

No matter, how big is your workplace, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is very easy to install and maintain. And unlike traditional air cooling solutions to use Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling you don’t have to keep your workplace closed.

Apart from this, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling costs just ₹ 1 sq. ft. per month and it’s 90% more energy efficient than air cooling systems. This means you can easily earn back your investment in Venti-Cooling just within 7 months.

How to install Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling?

It depends on how large is your workplace. For instance, if your workplace is around 2000 sq. ft. big a unit of Venti-Cool 20U is enough.

But rather than calculating yourself, you can book a free site visit with us and our expert will visit your workplace to examine and give you a customized solution.

Does any famous brand use Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling?

From Coca-Cola to L&T to Walmart - some of the world’s well-known brands are using Venti-Cooling solutions to keep their workplace cool, comfortable, fresh and productive.

To book a free site visit click here.

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