According to the World Health Organisation, “Good working conditions can provide social protection and status, personal development opportunities, and protection from physical and psychosocial hazards. They can also improve social relations and self-esteem of employees and lead to positive health effects.”

Heavy Duty Air Cooler

As an industrial cooler manufacturer, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is a cost-effective solution to provide an optimum working environment to employees in factories. It is a unique concept of air cooling plus ventilation that provides a comfortable working space in factories without burning a hole in the factory owner’s pocket.

There is fierce competition in today's world, factory owners wish to increase employee productivity to win the market share battle, on the other hand, employees want to showcase their work skills and dedication by pulling in long working hours. While this enables the success and growth of the company, it takes a toll on the working conditions, the physical and mental health of employees as well as worker morale. For this purpose, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, the air cooler for industrial use is the ideal solution in large factories occupying over a few hundred or thousand square feet.

As one of the best industrial air cooler suppliers Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling offers the following benefits to factory owners:

  • 1. Increases worker productivity : Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling provides maximum cooling and efficient ventilation in factories. It ensures that workers are comfortable in the factory and do not contract any infections as viruses, bacteria and germs are replaced with cool, fresh air. Thus, the installation of Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is found to increase worker productivity by at least 12%.
  • 2. Boosts employee morale : When employees spend a majority of their time in the factory space, which is suffocating and airless, it becomes difficult for them to work efficiently without any complaints. On installing Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, the best industrial cooling units you will notice that employees feel more at ease while working as they do not have complaints related to the work environment. Thus, the powerful cooling of the factory along with effective ventilation is bound to increase employee morale.
  • 3. Lower electricity bills : Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, are air cooler of industrial type that consumes 90% less energy than HVAC systems. Thus, the amount of energy consumed is considerably less and the cost of power is low too.
  • 4. Low maintenance costs : The regular cost of running a centrally air-conditioned area can be massive, running up significant energy bills, Annual Maintenance Costs (AMC) as well as the cost of replacement of parts. Studies suggest that the per-unit cost of running an air cooling system is one-fourth of an air conditioner. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is weather resistant and therefore requires very little maintenance. Thus, additional costs after the installation are kept to a minimum.

As per studies conducted by Parsons, working in excessive ambient temperatures such as temperatures above 35°C may produce health hazards as well as productivity losses. It has been reported that the current rate of climate change will cause a further 20% loss of annual work ability of workers exposed to heightened heat conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for industrial air cooler in India, the installation of Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling will ensure that workers are able to work at their productive best, and this industrial cooler price is much less than other central AC coolers units.

Find out more about Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling here.

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