As climate change and the environmental crisis become a serious subject of teaching in schools and colleges, it is vital that these educational institutions do their bit practically and through active steps.

Air Cooling System for Schools & Colleges

An easy and quick way to incorporate sustainability in the daily operations of educational institutions is the installation of Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling. It not only enables the staff to practise what they preach but has also proved to be advantageous to the operational capacity of schools and colleges.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is a unique combination of cooling plus ventilation with superior technology and configurations that powerfully and sustainably cool a large space in the following ways:

  • 1. Eco-friendly cooling technique : Evaporative air cooling is an efficient and sustainable cooling technique which works on the principle of heat absorption by water evaporation. A pump circulates water from the tank onto a cooling pad making it wet. A fan or a blower draws hot air from outside the unit and forces it through the moistened pad. As the air passes through the wet pad, it gets cooled by evaporation. The blower and motor are sized and designed to deliver the appropriate airflow.
  • 2. Low power consumption : Since Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling works on the above principle of evaporative air cooling, it consumes 90% less electricity as compared to other cooling solutions like an HVAC system. The cost of cooling using Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is Re. 1 per square foot per month. The lower the power consumption, the more eco-friendly your choice.
  • 3. No carbon footprint : Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is environment-friendly as it emits zero chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and can help combat climate change. In addition to this, they circulate 100% fresh, filtered cool air into the educational premise.

If you are in the process of choosing more sustainable ways of cooling in your school or college, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is a very cost-effective and efficient way of providing cooling and ventilation.

Find out more about Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling here.

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