Large Space Venti-Cooling in schools is safe, secure & sustainable

A person spends an average of 14–15 years of his/her life in school buildings irrespective of the country. The progress of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) research in school buildings has increased to a large extent in the last twenty years. As per research, Indian education spaces need to improve on th IEQ with sustainable solutions for better teaching and learning outcomes.

Air Cooling System for Schools or College

Every classroom has around 50+ students which makes it very necessary for the authorities to keep every classroom well ventilated with appropriate ambient temperature. This can easily be taken care of by Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling also known as Symphony LSV. This cooling technology offered by no other cooling technology is a unique combination of air cooling and ventilation. It can be installed in various industrial applications including educational spaces, healthcare facilities, religious centres, etc.

If you're looking for an appropriate cooling solution for your school or college, here are a few reasons why Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is safe, secure & sustainable:

  • A healthy atmosphere : Children are very prone to diseases as their immune system is comparatively weaker than adults. They breathe a higher volume of air than adults according to their body weight as their organs are in the development stage. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the internal air quality. Unlike air conditioners, Symphony LSV can operate in open and semi-open spaces which makes the classroom more spacious and airy. Providing adequate ventilation and air cooling with Symphony LSV can help keep the students healthy and happy.
  • Increase in concentration : Students and teachers spend 4–8 hours daily in schools, which is one-third of their total time at schools/ colleges, hence it is of prime importance to evaluate the IEQ in educational spaces. With increasing education levels, students require higher levels of concentration. As per IIM-A, a person's productivity is best at 27° C of ambient temperature. Once the temperature crosses this limit, there is a loss in productivity by 40%. Symphony LSV helps curb this loss with adequate venti-cooling thus increasing concentration levels in educational spaces.
  • Energy Efficient : Symphony as a brand is on a mission to create a 27° C world. It aims to create a comfortable environment through air-cooling without harming the planet. Symphony LSV is not only energy efficient but also a very cost effective air cooling system. It consumes 90% lesser energy than HVAC system while providing venti-cooling just at ₹1 per square foot per month.

If these three reasons aren't convincing enough, you can actually book a FREE site inspection and our representative will personally connect with you to take this forward. To know more about Symphony LSV, please click here.

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