One easy way to reduce the OC of your food manufacturing plant

Food manufacturing plants often face the problem of dealing with odour control, temperature control, dehumidification and dust control. They need to install additional equipment and machinery to combat the problems which frequently leads to an increase in Operating Costs and Maintenance Costs. For this purpose, experts have designed Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, a cost-efficient yet unique concept of cooling and ventilation innovated specifically for large spaces like a food manufacturing plant.

Air Cooling System for Food Manufacturing Plant
  • 1.Reduced capital costs and initial investment: The capital cost of installing a Symphony LSV is minimal as compared to a central air conditioner. According to estimates, the average cost of setting up a Symphony LSV is one-fourth of a central air conditioning system. The installation is easy with a free site visit conducted by Symphony which is followed by a quick installation of the required Venti-Cooling system.
  • 2.Low maintenance: The regular cost of running a centrally air-conditioned area can be massive, running up significant energy bills, Annual Maintenance Costs (AMC) as well as the cost of replacement of parts. Studies suggest that the per-unit cost of running an air cooling system is one-fourth of an air conditioner. Symphony LSV is weather resistant and therefore requires very little maintenance. Thus, additional costs after the installation are kept to a minimum.
  • 3.Running costs: One unit of Symphony LSV can cool up to 2500 sq. ft. at less than ₹ 1/ft² per month. This makes it one of the most affordable and effective large space coolers in the market today. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling consumes very little energy and hence the electricity bills are 90% less compared to any other cooling solution. This ensures that food manufacturing plants receive their ROI within 7 months of installation.

According to an article by Clean Room Technology, food manufacturing plants have recently started using labs and cleanrooms so that they can regulate as well as maintain high food safety standards. Another article in the Digital Journal published by IMARC suggests that in order to create a safe environment in food manufacturing plants, high-level ventilation and filtration systems are being installed to protect against mould, dust and bacteria infestation. It states that companies are increasingly installing air cooling systems with air ducts such that cooling and ventilation can be established to provide clean and fresh air.

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