Food and dairy manufacturers are automating their plants to optimise operations as well as to make their functions more eco-friendly. While there are different types of machinery and equipment one can install to make the process more efficient, one of the most important aspects that are often overlooked and could cost you an exorbitant amount of money is the cooling solution used. As the owner of a manufacturing plant, one should always take into consideration the health of the employees as well as the machinery. Even the refrigerators used to keep thw perishable products cool require an optimum environment to work continuously throughout the day.

Dust Control Centralised Cooling Solution

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling goes beyond cooling. It is a unique concept of air cooling plus ventilation, a combination that is not offered by any other cooling technology. In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly important to use safe technologies without having to close down the space. Installation of Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling ensures the powerful cooling of your plant in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling helps combat the following problems and offers eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions:

  • Dust control : Accumulation of dust in a factory setting is a serious problem faced in the food and dairy industry. It cannot only contaminate the products that are being produced but also affect the health of the employees. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is equipped with five filters for bacteria, smell, dust, allergy and PM 2.5 wash filters. The combined working of these functionalities in the filter ensures that employees are breathing in fresh, safe air and the quality of the products remains intact.
  • Temperature Control : It's not just the food that needs to be stored at optimum temperature but it is also necessary to keep the machines that are constantly overworked in good condition. Efficient ventilation and cooling system are needed to avoid contamination and prevent the machines from being strained.
  • Dehumidification: When it comes to the food products industry, humidity is an important factor. If there is too much moisture in the air, then it can settle around unwanted areas on the product and affect its quality. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling has a unique combination of cooling and ventilation that not only powerfully cools the surrounding areas outside of the refrigeration but also eliminates excess moisture from the air.
  • Odour Control : If your plant is dealing with fresh products like vegetables, fruits, meat or dairy then it is bound to produce a lot of odour. This can affect those living or working in the surrounding areas of the plant. While one cannot stop the odour, it is possible to control and even reduce it. Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling systems come with i-Pure technology, a multistage filtration system that cleans a spectrum of airborne pollutants and harmful micro-organisms. These filters can cleanse the air and water to provide a healthier environment. Dust, microscopic pollution particles, bacteria, odours, and allergens are all filtered by this innovative system.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling will benefit your food manufacturing plant in several ways. Explore Symphony’s Large Space Venti-cooling solutions and book a free site survey now!

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