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Whether you are at home, the office or the restaurant, consciously or unconsciously, you must have commented on it being either too hot or too cold. This in turn affects your conversations, your work and how you behave. For everything to function smoothly, your body needs to be comfortable with the temperature around you. Thus, comes the need for Large Space Venti-Cooling which uses a unique concept of cooling and ventilation. The superior technology and smart configurations of Large Space Venti-Cooling solutions at Symphony ensure that the ambient temperature is comfortable for everyone.

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At work, the ambient temperature of the office matters a lot. Workplace productivity is the total amount of work your employees can complete over a certain period of time. It is measured as the total output of products and goods produced against the input of labour and costs incurred. While the productivity of any workplace depends on the goals of the company, the culture and the processes followed, there are some external factors that play an important role.

Productivity at the workplace is of utmost importance for any employer and employee. When the temperature levels are too low or too high, a considerable amount of the productivity levels decrease. A study in the UK found that at least 2% of the office hours are wasted by the workers over arguing about the temperature levels which in turn affects the economy of the country in billions of dollars.

If the temperature of the work space remains at a constant of 25ºC, then the thermal comfort suits the employees much better. They do not waste time arguing with each other about the right temperature. Large Space Venti-Cooling enhances worker comfort and employee productivity at the same time. A study, ‘Thermal Effects on Office Productivity’ by Alan Hedge, Wafa Sakr and Anshu Agrawal illustrates that when the temperature was 25ºC, the workers typed non stop with an error rate of only 10%.

Controlling the temperature of the workspace using Large Space Venti-Cooling ensures that employees feel so comfortable that they have better and polite conversations with each other. This leads to clearer communication between colleagues and a friendlier work environment with enhanced social relations. Another study by Hans IJzerman and Gun R. Semin called ‘The Thermometer of Social Relations’ indicates that the warmer the environmental conditions, the greater the social proximity between employees and at the same time they use language in a more concrete manner. Thus, comes Symphony's belief of a 27ºC world where employees are active enough to interact with each other, comfortably and nicely.

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