How to reduce the enormous electricity bills in your factory?

When entrepreneurs and business owners make a product, the manufacturing process itself generates enormous costs. This includes not just the raw materials required to produce the product but also the employment of labour, indirect materials like cleaning supplies as well as indirect labour like security guards and supervisors. These are some elements of the production process that are fixed and the owner needs to bear the cost. Whether your factory is labour-driven or automated, one of the expenses that businesses incur is—high electricity bills.

Air Cooling System for factories

Luckily, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling are heavy duty air coolers, with a unique combination of cooling plus ventilation that provides maximised and powerful cooling at negligible costs. Once you know the industrial air cooler price you will be elated, and when install this industrial cooling system in your factory, your ROI will be within 7 months.

As global temperatures consistently rise, the need to cool factories and industrial settings increases by ten folds. Research shows that the demand for cooling an industrial premise is higher than that of cooling a residential property.

This in turn also affects the productivity of the workforce which has been proven to be higher when the commercial environment is optimally cooled. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to reduce your electricity costs and keep your factories well-ventilated and cool is the use of heavy duty industrial air cooler like Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling solution.

  • 1.Symphony LSV reduce electricity consumption by 90%: Although traditional methods of cooling have been more popular, they are expensive and provide very little ventilation. The unique technology of Symphony LSV an industrial heavy duty air cooler works on lowering temperatures and reducing humidity while consuming 90% less energy thereby reducing electricity bills by a large number.
  • 2.Symphony LSV can replace fans: Although circulating fans provide the necessary savings, they do not provide the requisite cooling that massive factories need. Only if the airspeeds at a rate higher than 6.4 kilometres per hour can an area be cooled. Furthermore, exhaust and circulating fans can extract dust and pollutants but have no effect on the room temperature. Symphony LSV heavy duty cooler is equipped to provide a refreshing, well-ventilated space at low costs.
  • 3.Low capital expense and maintenance costs: The capital cost of installation for traditional cooling systems is high whereas that of Symphony LSV industrial duct cooler systems is minimal bringing the average cost of setting up and running it to one-fourth of the other alternatives. Symphony LSV jumbo cooler requires minimal maintenance thereby reducing expenditures post-installation.
  • 4.Suitable for open areas in factories Symphony LSV air cooler ducting systems can be installed in an open and semi-open space. Thus, whether work in a factory setup takes place outside or if it involves to and fro movement inside and outside the factory, the Symphony LSV system an air cooler with ducting is effective as it causes minimum disturbance to the cooling current.

A report in the Guardian states, “Worldwide power consumption for air conditioning alone is forecast to surge 33-fold by 2100 as developing world incomes rise and urbanisation advances.” A more eco-friendly and cost-effective method to deal with this scenario would be switching to the installation of Symphony LSV ducting cooler systems. Factory machinery by the nature of their process generates vast amounts of heat. To ensure the smooth functioning of machines and to keep the goods in proper conditioning can be guaranteed by the installation of Symphony LSV systems the industrial ductable air cooler.

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