Get Rid Of Noise And High Ambient Temperature At Religious Places

When you visit a religious place, you naturally feel a sense of calm. Indeed, from time immemorial, places of worship have been engineered to create a sense of meditativeness, and escape from the burdens of worldliness, whether they be temples, synagogues, churches, derasars, gurudwaras, agiaries, viharas or mosques. They have cool floors and tall ceilings with beautiful imagery and decorations that give a sense of peace.

Air-Cooling Solutions for Religious Places

However, the hot and dry climate of India has always played spoilsport. This is even more true in urban places which have comparatively less green cover. Meditators and worshippers can feel uncomfortable, sweaty and itchy, and be harassed by flies and mosquitoes. Fans may help, but they are noisy and disturb worshippers. A noiseless system of ventilation and cooling would be the perfect answer.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is just the answer for this. Based on the principle of evaporative water cooling, which draws heat from ambient air and cools it, a reduction of temperatures by about 8 to 10 degrees centigrade is achieved, helping worshippers and devotees stay comfortable and focused. Honeycomb cooling pads and ventilation ducts also make sure that the system is as noiseless as possible, with the cooling units placed outside the building.

What is more, it is completely eco-friendly in three ways.

  • As each unit utilizes just 230v-50Hz-1Ph of power, Large Space Venti-Cooling consumes 90% lesser electricity than air-conditioning. Given that electricity generation in several parts of the world depends mostly upon coal-fired thermal power plants, which emit lots of carbon dioxide, the savings in electricity immediately convert to reducing the carbon footprint of the place of worship, adding to its sanctity. The low power consumption also reduces the cost of cooling considerably, to just Re. 1 per square foot per month.
  • Large Space Venti-Cooling also eliminates the need for greenhouse gases like CFCs and HFCs which are used in air conditioners.
  • The bodies of the coolers are made from recycled plastics, which indirectly helps to reduce carbon footprint even further, by reducing the release of plastic waste into the environment.

Not only that, but Symphony’s wide range of evaporative coolers also offer additional benefits that make the devotees’ visit even more worthwhile, and persuade them to stay longer. They mildly moisturize the air, preventing skin and eye irritation as well as dehydration. Worshippers thus feel more motivated and less stressed due to the heat outside. Unlike air-conditioning, the place of worship does not have to keep windows and doors closed. This allows for cross-ventilation and non-recirculation of air, which is in compliance with government and World Health Organization recommendations for places where people gather. This is important in pandemic times for the health and safety of employees.

Lastly, Large Space Venti-Cooling systems are not only vastly cheaper to run, but also cheaper to install and maintain. This truly frees up budgets for more charitable works and essential repairs, while helping devotees experience the sanctity of the place to the maximum.

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