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Sport is undoubtedly one of the human species’ most positive achievements, whether one is a player or a spectator. As a spectator, watching one’s favourite player or team in action in a stadium is a magical experience. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to restrictions on attending matches in stadiums with social distancing. Climate change is another concern, with higher daily temperatures driving matches towards the night, which ironically expand the carbon footprint with the use of floodlights.

Air-Cooling Solutions for stadiums

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling (LSV), a unique combination of cooling and ventilation, can help redefine the modern stadium experience. Several features of this technology are highlighted here, which makes it eco-friendly and affordable, alongside improving the experience of spectators and players.

Unlike air-conditioning, one does not have to close or seal a space to employ this cooling. Indeed, COVID-19 guidelines by the central government, as well as the W.H.O., have emphasized the need to have spaces well-ventilated through natural or mechanical means, with no recirculation of stale air which tends to concentrate germs. In a stadium, where hundreds or thousands of excited (and sweaty) spectators are gathered, this is essential for their health and safety. LSV is suitable for both indoor and outdoor stadiums.

With Large Space Venti-Cooling from Symphony, both players and spectators can experience air cooler by 8-10°C compared to the daytime temperature. It also humidifies air, as opposed to air conditioners that dehydrate the air, causing dryness of skin and irritation of the eye. Such moisture-laden air cooling also reduces the heat stress of the spectators. The effectiveness of cooling does not change in terms of air current and flow despite the constant movement. This is especially useful for outdoor stadiums, where matches can be staged in the daytime with abundant natural light. This in turn makes big savings on both expense and CO2 emissions, which can be passed on to spectators in the form of lower ticket prices.

LSV is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Each cooling unit (which cools about 2500 square feet with nominal air delivery of 20000CMh) utilizes an input power supply of just 230v-50Hz-1Ph alternating current. Compared to air-conditioning for similar space, this leads to a saving of 90% on electricity. In fact, the effective cost of cooling is just Re. 1 per square foot per month. The installation cost of Large Space Venti-Cooling is also about one-fourth as air-conditioning and takes just a few hours. With fewer moving parts or complex electronics, maintenance too, is equally easy and affordable.

Finally, and most importantly, LSCV drastically reduces your carbon footprint directly (apart from savings mentioned earlier). Given that electricity generation in several parts of the world depends mostly upon coal-fired thermal power plants, which emit lots of carbon dioxide, the savings in electricity immediately convert to reducing the carbon footprint. LSV also eliminates the need for greenhouse gases like CFCs and HFCs which are used in air conditioners. Symphony offers two technologically superior and smart-looking configurations, namely Venticool 25 and Venticool 20, made up of UV-stabilized engineering plastic recycled from waste, which indirectly helps to reduce carbon footprint even further.

Thus, stadiums deploying Large Space Venti-Cooling can not only reduce their bills and carbon footprint while making players and spectators more comfortable but can also revive the classic daytime stadium experience in a healthier and more eco-friendly way.

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