3 reasons why LSV's air cooling and ventilation is perfect for sweet shops

Every sweet shop is located in a prime location on a street where civilians will easily locate it. However, due to tough competition in the market, you have to offer more than just sweets to make your audience enter your shop. You need to provide a better experience for every customer that visits you to make a purchase. One way of doing that is taking care of the ambient temperature.

Air Cooling System for Sweet Shops

Now, if you're wondering that taking care of this will be very heavy on the pocket, then you've not heard of Symphony's Large Space Venti-Cooling also known as Symphony LSV. This is a unique cooling solution that offers both air-cooling as well as ventilation which is offered by no other cooling technology company in the world. Symphony LSV can be installed in various industrial applications like factories, warehouses, gyms, food processing plants, healthcare facilities, religious centres, etc. It has so far been trusted by 40+ brands all over the world, which is another reason you should install Symphony LSV in your sweet shop.

If you're not yet convinced, then here are 3 three reasons why LSV's air cooling and ventilation is perfect for sweet shops:

  • Freshness of sweets : FSSAI has directed that all the non-packaged/loose sweets seller that the container or tray holding sweets at the outlet should display the “date of manufacturing" and “best before date" of the said products. While every product has a certain best before date, it is necessary to take measures to keep it fresh for a longer time. Also, the production of sweets involves making them on high temperatures after which they're stored at the same until they cool down. It is necessary to balance out the temperature in order to not provide discomfort with the heat produced. This can be done by maintaining the internal ambient temperature with Symphony LSV.
  • Better shopping experience : A sweet shop that's crowded daily needs to be well ventilated for a customer to have a seamless shopping experience. Air conditioners are only suitable for closed spaces while Symphony LSV are best suitable in open and semi-open spaces. This means, you can keep the door of your sweet shop open all throughout the day thus having an open door policy quite literally. This will definitely make your customers feel more welcomed.
  • Cost efficient : Providing cooling to your customers may seems very costly to you, but we're here to break the bubble. Did you know, Symphony LSV is 90% cheaper compared to HVAC systems? It also consumes 90% less energy than HVAC.

Apart from the above reasons, you can also boost employee morale and productivity which will in turn lead to increase in overall profitability as well. To know more about Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling the best air cooler for shops.

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