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Have you ever wondered why some of your employees carry thick jackets to work while others are comfortable wearing a thin top with the air conditioning flowing directly on them? You may have also noticed that most of the time, conversations and movements in the workplace revolve around finding the air conditioning remote and trying to increase or decrease the temperature. This often leads to arguments and discussions that impede workplace productivity.

Air Cooling Solutions for Office

Workplace productivity is the amount of work your employees create over a certain period of time. It is measured as the total number of products and goods produced against the input of labour and cost incurred. While the productivity of any workplace depends on the goals of the company, the culture and the processes followed, temperature plays a significant role.

A study in the UK found that at least 2% of the office hours are wasted by the workers over arguing about the temperature levels which in turn affects the economy of the country in the range of billions of dollars.

Thus, comes Symphony’s belief of a 27ºC world. Commercial cooling experts at Symphony believe that there is a temperature at which it is comfortable for humans and not harmful to nature. They believe that there is one type of business growth that will always lead to a greener and cleaner world. For this purpose, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling a commercial air cooling solution is a unique concept of cooling plus ventilation that provides powerful cooling, constant circulation of refreshing air and does not leave behind any carbon footprint. Therefore, the correlation between workplace productivity and weather is no longer debatable with these commercial evaporative coolers. In many studies, it has been demonstrated that an increase in temperature makes the working environment uncomfortable, which reduces productivity. For instance, an IIM-Ahmedabad study showed that workers’ productivity can be enhanced up to 12% by increasing the level of thermal comfort at the workplace. It also shows that the optimal range of ambient temperature to enhance productivity is between 23-30°C.

Owing to the 27ºC world belief, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling systems are the best commercial evaporative air cooler that provides the ideal 27ºC temperature for commercial spaces. This evaporative air cooler for commercial areas ensures that air cooling and ventilation takes place simultaneously offering benefits that are more than physical comfort. The commercial evaporative coolers with ventilation, boosts the productivity of employees and decreases absenteeism.

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is perfect for commercial cooling in different establishments. One unit of Symphony’s Large Space Venti-Cooling evaporative air cooler for commercial use can cool a space of 2500 sq. ft. at the rate of Rs. 1/sq. ft./month. This air cooler with ventilation ensures that your commercial space makes large power savings and gives cost-efficient electricity bills. And this commercial air cooler price is much lesser then Air conditioning systems.

To know more about commercial air cooling with Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, click here.

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