Cooling Problem

Aditya Birla Power is a leading manufacturer of composite hollow core insulators. The workers suffered from extreme humidity and dust accumulation, resulting in a suffocating work environment. Aditya Birla Power needed a dust-free setting that offered comfortable cooling in the manufacturing facility in Halol, Gujarat.
To resolve this, they evaluated air washers for their manufacturing facility. Then Aditya Birla Power learned about Symphony LSV Solutions, a cost-effective cooling solution that combats the lack of ventilation and exorbitant electricity bills.

Cooling Solution

Symphony Large Space Venti Cooling experts inspected the facility, which is 67,000 Sq.Ft and decided to deploy 28 units of Venti cooling 25 U at Aditya Birla Power. By installing the Symphony's LSV units, connected to a 10-foot-deep duct with a plenum, Aditya Birla Power observed reduced dust and superior cooling fresh air, which increased employee productivity. The six jet nozzles helped them to keep their workspace dust-free and pure and the facility comfortable with excellent ventilation due to Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling.
With the mission of 27° C World, Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is cooling the world without warming the planet. To join the mission and save the environment, book a free site Inspection now!