Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling issue

Dalsaniya Textiles in Surat uses machines that have micro-electronic chip panels. One panel has more than 100 chips, and they have 22 such machines. These chips can blast if the temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius and are expensive, too, as these cost around 1.5 lacs. Since the textile is fully functional, the heat can increase, and these chips will likely blow up, incurring huge losses. They can’t use air conditioners, since they are expensive.

Cooling solution

The Symphony team assessed the solution and installed three PAC 25 machines. After the installation ducting cooler, Dalsaniya Textiles managed to maintain the ideal temperature with the help of 6 to 10 outlet pipes from the coolers. The production was in full swing, and they were delighted with the cooling solution.

Why should you choose Symphony Large Space venti-cooling solution?

The PAC 25 machines are effective with four side-cooling pads for superior cooling. With an optimised motor, excellent cool flow dispenser and single-speed fan, one can be sure of sufficient cooling.
Symphony has also installed over 700 machines across various textiles in Surat, which have suffered similar situations.