Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling issue

Nottee 9 café located in Rourkela had already installed air conditioners. Since their kitchen is at the back of the café, there is frequent suffocation when the number of visitors increase. They were also looking for an effective solution, since they can’t use air conditioners in the winter, but still need cooling in their outlet. Also, the constant opening and closing of the front and back door for the kitchen reduced the effectiveness of air conditioners.

Cooling solution

Symphony installed two VC 25U and one VC 20U ducting cooler with 30 feet of a duct having 20 outlets to increase the aesthetic appearance at Nottee. They were satisfied with the installation since the air distribution was adequate, suitable for winter and summer.
VC 20U industrial ducting cooler and VC 25U industrial coolers are modular and can be placed anywhere. A powerful 1.5 kW motor can give even air distribution throughout the day. Nottee 9 was satisfied with Symphony’s quick solutions, mindful of high consumption and space availability.

Why should you choose Symphony Large Space venti-cooling solution?

The client was happy with the installation and requested the Symphony team to provide solutions for other Nottee outlets.