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Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling Problem

Mamta is one of the best super-speciality hospitals in Raipur. They wanted to install coolers in the hospital's general ward. The administration wanted a cost-effective and permanent solution for cooling which would be installed easily and quickly. They planned to install air conditioners first. Due, to the high installation and maintenance cost, they skipped the plan and went for Symphony Large space venti-cooling solution,, which was not only cost-effective but also provided fresh air flow to patients.

Cooling Solution

Our team at Symphony assessed the situation and decided to install two 20U Venticool machines at Mamta Hospital's general ward. This would provide ample cooling that won't affect patients' health or their recovery at any cost.


Why should you choose Symphony Large Space venti-cooling solution?

  • It has four side cooling pads for a superior cooling effect
  • It is energy-efficient and functions silently
  • Possesses excellent cool flow dispenser for enhanced cooling
  • Works during all weather conditions, as it has a thermally re-engineered plastic body
  • It can cool up to as much as 1200 sq. ft, effectively

Mamta Hospital was pleased with the installation and working of the coolers since Symphony ensured an even air distribution through air flow via direct grills with our 20U Venticool machines.