Cooling Problem

Bhakti Polymers manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad occupies 12,000 Sq. Ft of industrial space and required powerful cooling to keep the facility well-ventilated for their staff. Maintaining their machinery in prime condition, and avoiding overheating while keeping employees' cosy and comfortable was a primary concern.
Bhakti Polymers expanded its manufacturing unit and it wanted a comfortable and dust-free environment. Hence, they approached Symphony LSV, which had an impressive track record of offering optimal cooling solutions at Bhakti Polymers’ other facilities. Symphony's main challenge was keeping the manufacturing plant at a constant, healthy temperature, which they successfully achieved.

Cooling Solution

In order to enable Bhakti Polymers to keep up with its developments, Symphony Large Space Venti Cooling experts, inspected the site and understood the assignment, and suggested deploying 12 units of PAC 25 down discharge units which were connected to the 20-feet duct with a direct grill for efficient pumping of air in large spaces.
These PAC 25 units come with four side cooling pads that offer excellent cooling, keeping the heavy machinery in top-notch condition and the employees healthy and safe. It was the best solution for cool, fresh ventilated air. Large Space Venti-Cooling also secured maximum cooling of the manufacturing facility with minimum cost.
Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is cooling the world without global warming with its 27° C World mission. Book a free site inspection right away and join the initiative to conserve the environment!