Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling Problem

Biriyani by Kilo, located in Delhi, is set up in a modest space. Their eating outlet suffered from ambient heat, and their kitchens also had ventilation issues. Initially, Biriyani by Kilo thought air washers would save them from further cooling and ventilation issues. Unfortunately, the air washers were not perfect due to less space for installation, and these consume more power too.
They wanted a combined solution to solve their kitchen ventilation issue and cooling so visitors could eat comfortably.

Cooling Solution

Symphony had three challenges – our team had to choose duct air coolers that could easily accommodate within less space; at the same time, our industrial cooling systems must also allow proper ventilation and provide cooling. Hence, our experts set up VC 20U industrial duct cooler and VC 25U coolers with duct at Biriyani by Kilo outlet. We were able to position the ducts in a manner so that the space didn’t look cramped. Though the ducts were small, even ventilation and cooling were possible.

Why should you choose Symphony Large Space venti-cooling solution?

VC 20U and VC 25U coolers are modular and can be placed anywhere. A powerful 1.5 kW motor can give even air distribution throughout the day. Biriyani by Kilo was satisfied with Symphony’s quick solutions, mindful of high consumption and space availability.