Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling Problem

Bethesda Integrated School is a famous high school in Nuzvid. Though all the classrooms have air conditioners, the administration was worried that there is no clean air supply for students.
Air conditioners can instantly provide cool air but might not work in the long run for a school. Also, using air conditioners comes at a price – high power consumption. So, they wanted energy-efficient cooling and ventilation solutions that would make the classrooms a healthy and happy place for children.

Cooling Solution

Symphony Cooling Solutions provided two Venticool 20 U machines for eight classrooms for ducting. Ducting was the only solution, considering the large space. Each classroom has two grills to provide the maximum comfort, since students need fresh air. The Venticool 20 U has four side cooling pads for superior cooling. The installed machines also have weather-resistant and UV-stabilised and engineered plastic bodies, which can function for many upcoming years without a glitch. These also have cool flow dispensers for enhanced cooling.
The expert team at Symphony decided to go with Venticool 20 U model since these can be installed quickly. Everyone was happy with the outcome provided by us. Students and staff could carry out their school routine until they headed home for the summer vacation!