Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling Problem

The newly constructed Immanuel Prayer Hall decided to install air conditioners initially. But they were worried about air quality since the seating capacity is more than 2000 in a vast space. Hence their dealer suggested opting for air coolers from Symphony that would reduce power and installation costs and enhance air quality.

Cooling Solution

The team at Symphony suggested ten PAC 18 coolers for Immanuel Prayer Hall because of the vast space and seating capacity. For superior cooling, our experts also installed grills for direct and even cooling.
The benefits of PAC 18 coolers are – They provide even and powerful airflow with less noise, and they possess high-quality air filters for clean air distribution. Though PAC18 coolers only run at a single speed, the cooling is even. They were happy with Symphony’s clear idea of installing air coolers for a new site and were delighted about reduced power and installation costs.