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Cooling Issue

Hotel 10- Park Street in Gol Ghar main market, Gorakhpur, regularly hosts cultural events on its terrace. It can accommodate hundreds of guests, and the focus is to provide a comfortable and well-ventilated area for guests during each function. 10-Park Street chose to cool a 4,500 Sq Ft. terrace efficiently to overcome the challenge of ventilation due to high temperatures. The hotel achieved this by installing and maintaining effective air coolers that produced minimal noise so as not to disturb visitors.

Cooling solution

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling experts effectively deployed two VC 25 units to cool the stage and kitchen area so that clean, fresh, and pure air are constantly available, and the guests keep arriving at the hotel in multitudes. Thus, Symphony's coolers solution provided maximum and powerful cooling at minimum costs. ...

The experts at Symphony Venti Cool also installed three Movicool DD125 PAC 20U industrial air coolers on the roof, each with top-discharge ducts. These ducts connected the coolers to the spacious terrace. The 12 jet nozzles helped them to keep their space dust-free and pure and the terrace comfortable with excellent ventilation due to Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling. By installing the Symphony's LSV units, connected to a 50-foot-deep duct with a plenum inside the tent, 10-Park Street observed reduced dust and superior cooling fresh air, which increased their business.
Symphony Venti Cool provided the best solution for hotel 10-Park Street and completed the installation process within the specified period. Seeing this, two to three hotels in the area, including hotel Raddison Blu installed Symphony Venti Coolers to allow sufficient clean air circulation in the halls and not compromise on quality.
Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling is cooling the world without global warming with its 27° C World mission. Book a free site inspection right now, and join the initiative to conserve the environment!