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Cooling issue

Baba Ramdev Yogpeeth, located in Haridwar, is spread across 2,00,000 sq. ft for practising yoga. It can accommodate 20,000 people at a time. They approached Symphony Cooling, as air conditioners can’t be used while practising yoga; since more than a thousand members are involved, it adds to suffocation too.

Cooling solution

The task at hand was tricky, as the team had to ensure even air distribution throughout the hall; They also had to install machines that operate with low noise levels and reach the central point of the arena too. Hence, the experts at Symphony installed 22 SPS 60 coolers. They placed 11 units on either side of the hall with 21 spot diffusers connected to a 12 feet ducting pipe.

Why should you choose Symphony Large Space venti-cooling solution?

SPS 60 coolers, one of the giant coolers of Symphony, are perfect for large halls. They have powerful motors and give cool air with great force across vast spaces. These have a tank with a water capacity of 187 litres and a 990 mm blower. Though SPS 60 coolers are large, the power consumption is less, and these are energy-efficient too! The Yogpeeth had sufficient cooling and is fully equipped to be occupied by several hundred yogis for yoga sessions next time!