Cooling Problem

The Silver Banquet Hall in Thathawade, Pimpri Pune, is a premier venue for events such as weddings, sangeets, and other functions, with the capacity to host hundreds of guests in its ballrooms and lawns.
With wedding season approaching and the accompanying high temperatures, Silver Banquet Hall sought to provide efficient cooling for its large indoor and outdoor spaces. The aim was to create a comfortable atmosphere and ensure that guests could relax and enjoy the event, even during the hottest months. To achieve this, Silver Banquet Hall was looking for efficient air coolers to install and maintain, producing low noise levels to avoid disturbing guests.

The Cooling Solution

The Silver Banquet Hall, with a total area of 9,600 sq. ft, required air coolers that were both powerful and cost-effective and had a standard duct connection. This setup would allow for sufficient clean air circulation in the ballrooms and not compromise on quality. The common duct ensured centralized and even airflow throughout the rooms.
The experts at Symphony Venti Cool installed ten PAC 20U industrial air coolers on the roof, each with down-discharge ducts. These ducts connected the coolers to the spacious halls and ballrooms. Symphony Venti Cool provided the best solution for Silver Banquet Hall and completed the installation and drilling process within the specified timeframe.