Cooling Problem

Phule market is a central shopping hub in Jalgaon. Anyone who has been in the city for a while now would identify Suresh Collection & Creation as the top retail store for men's and women's fashion needs. Ventilation is a significant concern in enormous shopping complexes like Suresh Collection. The right air coolers, ventilators, and air ducts are necessary for a great shopping experience.
The project aimed to make the shopping center accessible for visitors with adequate air supply, suitable for all weather conditions. While customer comfort was their top priority, Suresh Collection & Creation also wanted cross-ventilation air ducts and cost-effective, energy-saving air cooling solutions

Cooling Solution

On assessing the needs for the retail shopping center, Symphony Venti Cool installed six VC 25U coolers and 16 VC 20U models with top-discharge ducts. These were connected to six outlets and have honey-comb pads for superior cooling experience. Why did we recommend VC 25U and VC 20U for Suresh Collection & Creation? These are the advantages of using these air coolers:

  • VC 25U can cool up to 2,500 sq. ft with enhanced cooling features like Cool Flow Dispenser
  • It has an engineered plastic body that’s highly weather-resistant VC 20U is suitable for spaces within 2,000 sq. ft and has a powerful 1.1 kW motor for intense airflow.
  • The team at Symphony was able to offer a quick solution and meet the requirements of Suresh Collection & Creation. Suresh Collection is now ready to welcome you with a revamped cooling system! Everyone can enjoy shopping here without worrying about the cooling conditions or inhaling unfiltered air. If you want to install new, energy-saving, cost-effective air coolers, visit our website to download our brochure for more details.