Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling Problem

Twills is a famous clothing line for men and women in Vijayawada, which also has a variety of bags, shoes and jewels. They have a fully functional godown in the city, where several hundred are employed. Due to the scorching heat and suffocation, productivity was hugely impacted.
They were looking for a fail-proof and effective cooling solution that provides ample air supply. Twills also wanted the ducts to be installed higher so that work is not interrupted. Apart from installing new air ducts, they wanted a safe environment with a clean air supply for their workers and godown.

Cooling Solution

Symphony large space Venticool experts assessed the situation and the area and installed five Venticool 20 U units at Twills, Vijayawada. For an adequate air supply, ducts are placed at a height of 40 ft so that the air is evenly distributed across the large spaces in the godown. The Venticool 20 U has four side cooling pads for superior cooling. The installed machines also have weather-resistant and UV-stabilised and engineered plastic bodies, which do not quickly wear down. These also have cool flow dispensers for enhanced cooling.
One unit can cool up to 1200 sq. ft, and you can imagine what five machines are capable of at Twills godown. The workforce is happy with our installation and has resumed work without worrying about the uncomfortable and humid environment!