Industrial Cooling System for Warehouse
Industrial Cooling System for Showroom

Cooling Issue

Vapi is popularly known as the ‘paper hub’ of Gujarat. The city is also famous for wooden handicrafts and tie-and-dye dress materials, where WelSpun Textiles comes into play. Productivity and health declined with soaring temperatures at WelSpun Textiles.

Cooling solution

The production site of WelSpun Textiles, located in Vapi, Hyderabad, and Kutch is spread over 5,000 sq. ft. After Symphony Venti Cool’s team assessed the situation, they initially suggested one PAC 25U duct air cooler be installed. As the workers felt better in the upcoming days, another four PAC 25U industrial duct coolers with top-and-down-discharge outlets were also installed. ...

Soon the temperatures were down to 32 – 35 degrees at the production site in Vapi, and the workforce was back in action. Their branches at Hyderabad and Kutch also faced similar issues, and Symphony’s PAC 25U restored normalcy. The advantages of PAC 25U coolers are:
  • Top and down discharge ducts for efficient pumping of air in large spaces
  • Easy and quick installation due to its plastic construction
  • An optimised motor for less noise and powerful airflow
  • Consistent standard airflow speed without fluctuations
  • In-built filters to protect the cooling pads
  • Robust honeycomb pads for better and more controlled airflow
Symphony Venti Cool offered the best solution for WelSpun Textiles, and the daily production has increased subsequently. If you want similar cooling solutions for your worksite to reduce excess heat, visit our website to download our brochure for more details.