LSV is safe & eco-friendly

Large Space Venti-Cooling systems are eco-friendly air coolers that are widely popular around the world, especially in India. This cooling system is an industrial air water cooler and is not only easy to install but also enables you to save money on the initial purchase, operational, and repair costs. These eco-friendly cooling systems are safe, good for your health, and eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Air Coolers

Here are 5 ways in which LSV Cooling eco friendly air cooler will benefit your factory, restaurant, industrial unit, or commercial space:

  • 1. You will be money-smart.
    For torrid and sweltering heat in India, Large Space Venti-Cooling the best air cooler is the obvious choice for any commercial or industrial unit. LSV air cooler for industries can help you save up to 90% on electricity bills as compared to HVAC consumption. Low electricity bills ensure that your overhead costs are reduced and the cost of installation is easily recovered within 7 months with these centralised air coolers.
  • 2. You will be safe from allergies.
    While you’re saving money by installing equipment, you wouldn’t want it to create any medical problems and drain your finances out. While some cooling systems use chemical coolants to provide optimum cooling, Symphony LSV systems are industrial air water cooler that simply use water. If you live in a part of India that experiences dry summers, the LSV system air cooler for office/shop or any other places is perfect as it expels the right amount of moisture. LSV eco friendly cooler utilizes the evaporative cooling technique to avoid the aggravating effect of dry weather and at the same time dispels stale air from any massive space. In addition to this, they also have evaporative cooling pads that have filters embedded in them to keep pollen and germs at bay. Additionally, if there is constant movement in and out of the space, LSV evaporative coolers is designed to provide powerful cooling throughout.
  • 3. You will be reducing your carbon footprint.
    Commercial and residential cooling systems like Air conditioners provide ventilation in house but are energy-intensive and leave behind massive carbon footprints as well as give rise to expensive electricity bills. LSV evaporative air coolers, on the other hand, does not emit CO2, making cooling environmentally friendly. Usually, the fans in outdoor compressors are noisy and can affect either the workers or the neighbors. This is easily eliminated by evaporative air cooling systems as the fans are far less noisy.
  • 4. You will be saving on maintenance.
    Since LSV uses a simple evaporative air cooling system, it is easier to maintain. It operates on the simple principle of water that expels energy while evaporating and in turn making the air cool. The components used in LSV air evaporative cooling system are few and therefore easier to maintain. The cost of services and replacement of parts is also easy on the pocket.
  • 5. You will find it easy to install.
    Installing an LSV cooling system with Symphony does not involve mindless hours of scrolling through e-commerce websites looking for the best service, the best product, and then spending another few hours getting it started. Once you have connected with Symphony about cooling your space, the LSV cooling experts will do a site survey, analyze the space and understand the special needs of the owner, and accordingly, suggest the appropriate LSV for air cooling with ventilation. Installation and proper working of the evaporative air cooling system cooling system will be done by Symphony.

So, if you want Large industrial air cooler for home, or install these cooling units as central cooler for home contact Symphony Venticool.

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